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2004 Old Crocs Guam Tour

Two tours were arranged for this year – the first to Guam for the True Grit Tournament, and the second was the traditional family trip, this time to the Sunshine Coast. Guam was heaps of fun, where we unexpectedly won the Bowl final. Such a great tournament that we would like to return next year. The trip to the Sunshine Coast again involved two games (we are beginning to realise that 2 games on tour is one too many!!). The mid-week game was against the Maroochydore Mudcrabs. They couldn’t find many over 35 players so we played against a mixture of whoever they could get to turn up. It ended up being a ten-a-side match followed by much beer. The second game was against the University over 35’s, however, like the mid-week game, over 35’s were hard to find, so we played against a mixture of grade players and a bunch of guys from Aviation rugby in Brisbane who kindly came up for the night to make up the numbers.