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Old Crocs Tours 2006 – Lions Den

A few of the club members organised their own thing and went on a bit of a camping trip to the Lion’s Den (pub) at Ayton near Cooktown. See the gallery for some photos of that trip.

After much saving and agonising over the trip this year, we finally agreed to go to Darwin and what a good time we had. The Darwin Straycats were our hosts and the most hospitable lot they were too. They has entertainment and game organised for us. We were welcomed at their watering hole (happened to be across the road from our accommodation), followed by the game the next day. After presentations and games, we were treated to a barbecue from their well set up trailer. The next day they organised a barbecue/party (again from this well set up trailer) at a beach and some went out on the club boat. A golf game on Monday finally saw a few guys down for the count – a very big day. The president of the club owns the Rugby Shop in Darwin so lots of fellows hung out there during the time. As well as lubricating the guys, he also had to patch up a couple of fellows who decided to have a scrum on the main street of Darwin.